Current show: group show  “ tout est nouveau sous la lune “ at galerie Van Caelenberg Aalst
This summer I'm doing an artist residency at the Frans Masereel Centrum
Untitled (indigo) is selected as one of the 15 finalists in the group expo ART MATTERS 5 by galerie Biesenbach Cologne (DE). For inquiries please contact the gallery.
I am happy to announce that my work, in addition to Alfa gallery Miami, will be represented by Alzueta Gallery Barcelona. With a lot of great artists in their porfolio, two galleries in Barcelona, one in Madrid and one off the grid in Palau De Casavells I find myself in good hands. Discover my work now visiting their main gallery in Sèneca Street in Barcelona. 
Happy to announce that I am selected for a residency at the Frans Masereel Centrum this summer.
Group expo SHIFT with Katrin Bosmans, Gert Motmans & Erik Haemers at Rivoli gallery Brussels.
Expo SPLASH! with Babette Cooijmans, Fiona Koene, Axelle Vertommen, Johannes Elebaut, Hantraxdolls at Zeit Gallery Antwerp
Expo VIER with Pieter Bauters, David Boon & Annelies Vanoost at KEEN Gallery Antwerp. 
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