Last year, I started a project in which I asked some of my friend collectors to hang some of my Incision works in their homes during one year. The works act as a kind of natural screen printing, with UV rays burned into the paper. Thanks to two different passe-partouts, time and sunlight will create the final ‘drawing’. The works thus vary according to the place and environment in which they are hung. And in this way the caretakers also influence what the final works will look like. So apart from light, time and place, information from them also gets into the work. Needless to say how important location has always been for works of art throughout history. Fascinating to see that no traditional medium is used anymore: no paints, inks, pencils… the medium is pure light on paper.

Big thanks to and @brunodevos for providing the right paper.
Untitled (Incision II, flower series), 2022-2023, UV light on paper 70 x 70 cm
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