johan van oeckel, born 1971 in Herentals (BE)
education: master of fine arts, Sint-Lukas Brussels
working in Brussels / Amsterdam

represented by 
Alfa Gallery Miami
Alzueta Gallery Barcelona
Bernice Belgium

for availability and prices of the artworks contact here, Alfa Gallery
high-quality Fine Arts prints available at ArtStar NY
current show:
​​​​​​​2023        The Power of Infinity, Alfa Gallery, Miami 
solo & duo shows:
2020        Voor de vorm, Rivoli Gallery, Brussels
2019         Under Pressure, De Drukkerij, Kessel-Lo 
2018         Graphic work, BarStan, Leuven
group shows:
2022        Tout est nouveau sous la lune, Galerie Van Caelenberg, Aalst 
2022        PANAL, Alfa Gallery, Miami ​​​​​​
2022        Palau de Casavells / Alzueta Gallery Barcelona
2022        Abstraction in Action, Alfa Gallery, Miami 
2022        ART MATTERS 5, Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne
2021         SHIFT, Rivoli Gallery, Brussels
2021         Art Basel Group Exhibition, Alfa Gallery, Miami 
2021         Splash!, ZEIT Gallery, Antwerp
2021         V, Alfa Gallery, Miami 
2021         BEHAPPY, Alfa Gallery, Miami 
2020        XS, Alfa Gallery, Miami 
2020        EXPO VIER, Gallery KEEN, Antwerp
2020        Booth 07, Online viewing rooms
2019        3-D, Alfa Gallery, Miami 

2022        Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee

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